Sebastian Greenwood

How to become a successful businessperson? The story of Sebastian Greenwood

Are you interested in how you can make it to the top as a businessperson? If you’d like to know what it takes, then take a closer look at the life, education and career of the now famous Sebastian Greenwood, who started out just like you, an enthusiastic young man with a passion for business and marketing. As we speak, he is now an independent broker in payment solutions, offering exceptional consultancy and transaction management services to individuals and companies alike.

Sebastian Greenwood iPayto LTD Co-founder.

The co-founder of his own company at iPayto LTD, Sebastian is proud of his past and shared some of his experience as a guide to other young aspirants.

About Sebastian Greenwood

Sebastian Greenwood – Personal Life Story

As any hard-working, decent young man, Sebastian Greenwood started his career with a strong education, which carried him through several places around Europe and the USA. With a major in Economics obtained at the age of 20 in Stockholm, Sweden, Sebastian used his exceptional results, acquired skills and knowledge in order to gain entrance to several courses focused on Finance, Leadership and Communication in New York or Germany. His ambition and diligence were his aid in graduating all of these courses with remarkable results and, as a natural consequence of his hard work, at the age of 25 he received his BA degree in International Business and Management at the prestigious European Business School in London.

What was left for him to do now was to put all his acquired knowledge into practice. He started doing so through an internship offered by Bloomberg Financial Markets in London, while he was studying for his degree. Also making good use of the four languages he now spoke fluently, as well as of the insights he had gained in different cultures, Sebastian Greenwood obtained more and more prestigious positions over the next five years, where he took up directorial and management roles.

Before turning 30, the young and enthusiastic businessman obtained a position as CEO within Mediahead AB, a start-up company in media advertising and sales settled in Sweden. As he remembers it today, most important in this fulminant track of his career were his motivation and the amount of work he was willing to put into any project. We think his exceptional skills in leadership, recruiting, training and team motivating, as well as a fantastic ability in troubleshooting business critical issues and implementing innovative, effective solutions also helped a great deal.

Of course, Sebastian Greenwood was never satisfied with just a comfortable position. In 2009, this led him to try out something different as he became the associate manager of Stepventure PTE LTD in Singapore, a long way away from native Sweden. His desire to learn more about different people and cultures around the world was never extinguished and, as the owner of a company based in Cyprus, today he can achieve this lifetime goal better than ever before.

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